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Our Relationship with Nature

My project highlights the need for nature in our lives, not only through spending time outdoors, but also reflected through design in our homes too. To be surrounded by objects that we appreciate and enjoy creates a more productive and happier environment. I explore natures texture, form, and material through photography, drawing and making, leading to a proposed collection of unique lighting that represents the research process. Living in a world of mass consumerism has created more homogeneity of products, leading to valueless designs. Opposing this, I wanted to create unique and meaningful products. Using nature to influence my work through form and material, I chose to work with wood because of its primitive familiarity, warmth of colour and sustainability. The process in which a product has come from holds greater value than the item itself, and being mindful of this allows you to appreciate such objects and hopefully question the ethicality of other objects and businesses.

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