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My project explores our connection that we have with the objects around us and the history and value they hold in relation to our own personal lives. So much is lost when time moves on, but what is left are the objects and material things that are associated with an individual time, place or person. It’s not until you reflect on the objects around you that you find their story and sentimental value. Has a throw away society made us less mindful of what we disregard or bring into our lives. We should be more mindful of where things come from and think about not only the visible factors but also the invisible. Visible being materials, process, and visual language. Invisible being the journeys of these objects and the connection they have with people.

My research started by looking at my family’s artifacts, specifically ones that my Grandparents have. I have documented my research through photography, looking at colour, visual language, and the location of the objects. I have also used first and second-hand drawing to aid me in understanding these objects and the stories and memories behind them. First hand being me drawing the objects directly and analysing them. Second hand being me requesting my grandad to do some drawings in response to the objects and the memories associated with them.


Not only have I researched the artifacts, but also the environment that they sit within, bringing not only the past but also the present into the items that I’m designing and making. My material research consisted of experimenting with processes and techniques using both steel and wood. Some of the processes being carving, shaping, forming, welding, lamination, dyeing and sandblasting. These material experiments allowed me to visualise the combination of different techniques and develop my ideas into three dimensional pieces.

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